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Hanover Happenings

A monthly podcast in and about Happenings in the beautiful, historic Upper Valley Town of Hanover, New Hampshire. Published by Hanover Town Manager Alex Torpey.

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Episode 23

May 31, 2023

A quick chat with District 2 Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington

This is your Town Manager Alex Torpey here, and in this episode I sit down with Cinde Warmington, the District 2 Executive Councilor, representing...



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Episode 22

May 18, 2023

Evening and Saturday bus service? Yes please! Learn about exciting updates at Advance Transit with Adams Carrol and Trish Palao

I'm your Town Manager Alex Torpey, and in this episode I sit down with Adams Carroll and Trish Palao at Advance Transit to talk...



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Episode 21

May 13, 2023

What are you doing May 22nd? Get hands-on with local housing issues at the Howe!

On Monday, May 22nd at 7pm at the Howe Library the Town is hosting a unique hands-on way to get involved in helping shape...



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Episode 20

May 04, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Let's meet Hanover's emergency 911 dispatchers

It's Town Manager Alex Torpey here with another employee spotlight. We go behind the scenes at the Hanover Police Department's Regional Dispatch Center, which...



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Episode 19

May 03, 2023

April Update and Town Meeting Preview

It's your Town Manager Alex Torpey here with your April Hanover Happenings update and Town Meeting preview! In this episode we’re going to quickly...



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Episode 18

April 08, 2023

March Update and Revised Budget Overview

Welcome to the March update for Hanover Happenings. Dust off the mud on your boots and join me for this month's update, where we'll...