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Hanover Happenings

A monthly podcast in and about Happenings in the beautiful, historic Upper Valley Town of Hanover, New Hampshire. Published by Hanover Town Manager Alex Torpey.

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Episode 20

May 04, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Let's meet Hanover's emergency 911 dispatchers

It's Town Manager Alex Torpey here with another employee spotlight. We go behind the scenes at the Hanover Police Department's Regional Dispatch Center, which...



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Episode 19

May 03, 2023

April Update and Town Meeting Preview

It's your Town Manager Alex Torpey here with your April Hanover Happenings update and Town Meeting preview! In this episode we’re going to quickly...



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Episode 18

April 08, 2023

March Update and Revised Budget Overview

Welcome to the March update for Hanover Happenings. Dust off the mud on your boots and join me for this month's update, where we'll...



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Episode 17

March 29, 2023

Community Spotlight: Hanover Community Power, Meet Sustainable Hanover Co-Chairs and DPW Director

In this month's spotlight, we dive deep with Sustainable Hanover co-chairs Yolanda Baumgartner and Judi Colla, as well as Pete Kulbacki, Hanover's Director of...



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Episode 16

March 09, 2023

Hanover Happenings February Recap and Budget Information

Welcome to a slightly different Hanover Happenings for this month, which is coming out about a week late. We'll return to our more regular...



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Episode 14

February 14, 2023

NH and VT Secretaries of State visit Hanover to talk civics, elections, and public trust

In this special spotlight episode, I host newly elected Secretaries of State Sarah Copeland Hanzas (Vermont) and Dave Scanlan (New Hampshire) in Hanover to...