Episode 19

May 03, 2023


April Update and Town Meeting Preview

Hosted by

Alex Torpey
April Update and Town Meeting Preview
Hanover Happenings
April Update and Town Meeting Preview

May 03 2023 | 00:43:05


Show Notes

It's your Town Manager Alex Torpey here with your April Hanover Happenings update and Town Meeting preview!

In this episode we’re going to quickly run through some updates from the April Selectboard meetings, and then spend some time covering information about Town Meeting and each of the articles on the Town Warrant, both the ballot and business meeting.

You can find the Town report, including the full Town Warrant and explanatory information here.

You can find all of the budget information here.

We hope to see you May 9th! Voting is open 7am to 7pm, and the business meeting begins at 7pm at Hanover High School at 41 Lebanon Street.

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