Episode 1

August 01, 2022


Hanover Happenings Ep 1: July 2022 Recap

Hosted by

Alex Torpey
Hanover Happenings Ep 1: July 2022 Recap
Hanover Happenings
Hanover Happenings Ep 1: July 2022 Recap

Aug 01 2022 | 00:25:18


Show Notes

Welcome to Hanover Happenings, your monthly update from Town Manager Alex Torpey about what's happening in Hanover.


In this introductory episode, things will be a little different than the rest. In this one, we cover:

  • What kind of content will likely be found in the monthly Hanover Happenings updates
  • A little bit about my own background and context coming to Hanover
  • What we covered in the July 25th Selectboard meeting: (view the full written report here)

Intro and Onboarding | Update

Agenda Items

Item #2 Rental Registration Ordinance | Action Requested Discussion

Item #3: Review and Approval of Petition and Underground License Sole Owned Petition from Liberty Utilities at Berrill Farms Lane and to Authorize Town Manager to Executed All Necessary Documents

Item #4: Recommendation to Approve Copier Lease for Howe Library

Item #5: Review of Request to Abate Water/Sewer bill for Property Located at 18 West Wheelock Street

Item #6: Approval of NH Department of Safety Appointment of Donna J. Stender, Deputy Tax Collector and Assistance Town Clerk, as Town of Hanover Municipal Agent

Item #7 Appointments:

Town Manager Administrative Updates

Housing | Update

Hiring and Current Staffing | Update

Public Kiosk | Update

Mink Brook Trail and “the Point” | Update

Clerk Position and Local Elections | Update

Economic Development Committee | Update & Discussion

Student and Campus Outreach | Update

CIVICS Committee | Update or Discussion

Difficult Conversations Workshop | Update & Discussion

Technology Strategic Plan | Update


If you have any comments or feedback about this series, please reach out. If you appreciated the content, please forward to a friend or neighbor so they can stay up to date, too. This is the first piece of the broader "CIVICS" program that we will be engaging in over the coming weeks and months - so keep your eyes open for more ways to stay informed and involved about what's happening in Hanover! For more information, please visit hanovernh.org.


Photo Credit: Alex Torpey

Graphic Credit: suncatcherstudio.com

Background Music Credit: Music by Muzaproduction from Pixabay



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