Episode 2

August 31, 2022


Hanover Happenings Ep 2: August 2022 Recap

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Alex Torpey
Hanover Happenings Ep 2: August 2022 Recap
Hanover Happenings
Hanover Happenings Ep 2: August 2022 Recap

Aug 31 2022 | 00:34:43


Show Notes

Welcome to Episode #2 of Hanover Happenings!

In this episode, we're going to cover the following topics:  

  • A brief rundown of what we covered in the August Selectboard meetings and the big picture items in the queue, such as the rental housing ordinance, settlement with Dartmouth on the North End Valuation, and BTLA ruling in favor of the Town 
  • My administrative report from the 8/22 Selectboard meeting, which includes updates on:  
    • Staffing and Hiring Issues and Shortages 
    • Fallfest and Home for the Holidays Updates  
    • Department Head "Vision" process  
    • Election Updates and deadlines 
    • Rental Housing Ordinance  
    • Downtown Hanover  
    • CIVICS Committee 
    • Other updates 
  • Our first employee spotlight! 
    •  We'll get to know a little about Captain Josh Meriam at the Hanover Fire Department 
  • We'll also hear from three awesome Hanover High school students why solarizing is so important, and what we can learn from each other to help be more sustainable  
  • A message from Hanover police department about Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  
    • If you want to learn more, donate or get involved:

A few links and resources:  


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