Episode 4

November 03, 2022


Hanover Happenings Ep 4: October 2022 Recap

Hosted by

Alex Torpey
Hanover Happenings Ep 4: October 2022 Recap
Hanover Happenings
Hanover Happenings Ep 4: October 2022 Recap

Nov 03 2022 | 00:57:46


Show Notes

Welcome to Episode #4 of Hanover Happenings for a recap of the month of October! In this month's episode, we cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Selectboard meeting agenda items from October 3rd and 17th October Town Manager report, including updates on:
    • Hiring and Staffing
    • Budget and Finance Director Search
    • Ongoing Salary Study
    • Election Update
    • Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance Update
    • Community/Economic Development
    • CIVICS update
    • A few other updates
  • A special chat with New Hampshire Secretary of State Dave Scanlan
    • I sit down with the New Hampshire Secretary of State to talk about elections, division, civility, and building trust in government.
  • A great interview with our next "Employee/volunteer Spotlight
    • This month we talk with Bernie Waugh and Bill Fischel from the Hanover Zoning Board of Adjustment. We talk about about what the ZBA is and isn't, what makes a good ZBA member (Hint: we're accepting volunteer applications), how the ZBA makes decisions, our non-ZBA broader reflections on zoning policy and how that can positively or negatively impact housing markets, and a bit more about Bernie and Bill, two longtime Hanover volunteers. Check out our conversation!

Keep your eyes open for the unedited full interviews in the coming weeks!

Episode Resources:

- Find agendas, minutes, and meeting videos, as well as backup memos
○ https://www.hanovernh.org/node/1221/agenda/2022
- More about Hanover's Sustainability goals of 100% renewable electric by 2030 and all sources by 2050:
○ https://www.hanovernh.org/sustainable-hanover-committee
- Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance:
○ https://Hanovernh.org/rentalhousing
- Volunteer information and application:
○ https://hanovernh.org/volunteer
- Congrats to our school district for the distinction:
○ https://www.thecentersquare.com/new_hampshire/this-is-the-top-ranking-school-district-in-new-hampshire/article_fc7d08ea-f0f5-5c53-9091-7fdd83748b5d.html
- Libraries can heal a lonely and divided nation:
○ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-10-26/in-a-divided-nation-public-libraries-offer-space-to-reconnect

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