Episode 11

January 30, 2023


Hanover Happenings January 2023 Recap

Hosted by

Alex Torpey
Hanover Happenings January 2023 Recap
Hanover Happenings
Hanover Happenings January 2023 Recap

Jan 30 2023 | 00:34:15


Show Notes

Welcome to January's recap for Hanover Happenings. We've got a lot of big things in the queue as we start to look forward to Town Meeting in May. Thanks for joining for this update

This month, we cover some updates from January's Selectboard Meetings, including:

  • Acceptance of several unanticipated revenues from the State
  • Getting energized (⚡️) about the soon-launching Hanover Community Power
  • Various donations
  • Appointments to ZBA and Sustainable Hanover
  • Update to punch card pricing for Lebanon's Landfill
  • A big budget and tax rate update and discussion (most of this month's episode)
  • Plus a few other updates from my monthly report:
    • On HR/hiring
    • Downtown Hanover
    • Sustainable Hanover
    • Several Other updates


Community Spotlight: In this month's community spotlight we talk with Kyle Mullins, class of 2022 at Dartmouth. Kyle and I sat down to record a podcast for the Rockefeller Center's "Rocky Talks" (which I spoke at a few weeks ago, video here) where he is a program assistant, and then continue the conversations for Hanover Happenings. Kyle shares fond memories of interacting with kind Town residents while working at Still North during the height of COVID, working and being Editor-in-Chief at "The D," thinking about Town/Gown relations from a students' perspective, a bit about housing issues, his own exciting future exploring government and public policy issues, and why Hanover and Dartmouth are such special places to live, study, and work!


Employee/Volunteer Spotlight: And in this month's employee spotlight, we meet our new finance director Ellen Bullion, as well as our other finance department staff, Karen McCusker and Tammy Chapin and learn a bit about what the finance department does, the huge effort that's been required from them in the last few months being without a finance director, and some of the challenges, and goals going forward as we start moving through this year's budget process in upcoming public meetings. We also bust the myth that dogs and cats cannot work together, talk about living in old and unique houses, as well as where to get the best socks in the area.





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