Episode 18

April 08, 2023


March Update and Revised Budget Overview

Hosted by

Alex Torpey
March Update and Revised Budget Overview
Hanover Happenings
March Update and Revised Budget Overview

Apr 08 2023 | 00:20:29


Show Notes

Welcome to the March update for Hanover Happenings. Dust off the mud on your boots and join me for this month's update, where we'll be covering:


  • Some business items from the Selectboard meetings in March, including updates on:
    • Hanover Community Power
    • Approval of collective bargaining contracts
    • Accepted some unanticiapted revenues
    • Made appointments
    • And thanked some retiring employees!
  • We also have a big budget update, which is that: 
    • As of March 28th, the Selectboard unanmiously approved a budget, which the Finance Committee unanmosily voted to support on march 29th.
    • We provide a high-level summary of the most key budget items for this year.  

You can find all of the budget information at hanovernh.org/budget.



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