Episode 42

November 24, 2023


Small Business Saturday in Downtown Hanover!

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Alex Torpey
Small Business Saturday in Downtown Hanover!
Hanover Happenings
Small Business Saturday in Downtown Hanover!

Nov 24 2023 | 00:06:04


Show Notes

In this special episode I sit down with Allie Levy of Still North Books and Bar talking about some of the great value in supporting local businesses this Saturday, November 25th for Small Business Saturday in Hanover.

Supporting local businesses has so many benefits - aside from keeping money in the community, shopping local helps create and support good and well paying jobs in the Upper Valley, reduces the environmental footprint of your shopping and so much more.

Parking is free throughout Hanover on Saturday. Park once, and get outside and walk around and support local!

Here is a selection of some of the businesses in Downtown Hanover offerring Small Business Saturday promos:

  • Main Street Kitchens
  • Von Bargen's
  • Red Kite
  • Still North
  • The Fourth Place
  • Indigo
  • Ivy Edit
  • Lemon Tree
  • And more

You can also purchase new gift cards through the Upper valley's Local Luv gift card program!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: All right, folks, Alex Torpy, your town manager here, and I am down at Still North Books and Bar with the owner, Allie Levy. Allie, how's it going? [00:00:08] Speaker B: It's good. Thanks for having me on your podcast. [00:00:11] Speaker A: Sure. And so we're talking a little bit about an exciting day in Hanover on November 25. What's going on on November 25? Saturday in Hanover? [00:00:22] Speaker B: Yeah. So Saturday the 25 across the country is Small Business Saturday, and it is a small business response to the kind of rampant consumerism of Black Friday. It's a great opportunity to come into Hanover. There's free parking. We've got eight different retail businesses, all locally owned, that are going to be offering some promotions, discounts specials, that kind of thing. And then, as always, lots of different restaurants, cafes to grab a bite. So we're hoping it's going to be a fun shopping day in Hanover. [00:01:03] Speaker A: So instead of getting in your car and sitting in traffic and parking and then going to another place and parking again and more traffic, you can come to Hanover, you can park for free, you can get out, you can walk around and support local businesses. [00:01:18] Speaker B: Exactly. That's the idea. [00:01:20] Speaker A: And thinking about some of the value of supporting local businesses, we're talking by and large, usually less of an environmental footprint if things are being sourced locally. [00:01:35] Speaker B: Totally. [00:01:36] Speaker A: Right. [00:01:38] Speaker B: I want to say studies have shown, well, certainly a much higher percentage of the money that you are spending goes directly back into the community. I can't remember the figure off the top of my head, something like 75% when you shop local versus way smaller than that. When you shop at a nationwide chain or corporation or shop online, then there's also just the convenience. I always like to shop in person and local because I know that somebody has curated a selection for me and I trust their taste. It doesn't give me the same decision fatigue as going into a big box store and being like, that's a great point. [00:02:22] Speaker A: Right. [00:02:23] Speaker B: And what else could be on the Internet? [00:02:25] Speaker A: 50 options. And it's true. And if you're online, it's all curated by an algorithm. [00:02:32] Speaker B: Totally. [00:02:32] Speaker A: But if it's here, I mean, everything downstairs laid out by people who work here. [00:02:37] Speaker B: Yeah, it's stuff that we're reading. We love reading. Same thing. If you go to Indigo, it's clothing that they love wearing stuff that's going to last a little bit longer. We're paying attention to quality. We're kind of doing the sorting through of all of these options for you and saying, this is the stuff we really love. And then, of course, most of us can also get some stuff that's not on our shelves in as well. So that if there's something you need that we don't have, we can always help you out with that too. [00:03:09] Speaker A: And so what are some of the businesses? And we're recording this a little bit ahead of time, so there may be more, even. But what are some of the businesses that are participating on Small Business Saturday? And what does that mean? So are there sort of discounts or promos that are offered? What's that look like? What were some examples? [00:03:25] Speaker B: Totally. So Indigo Clothing Shop in town is participating and they are offering are you going to edit this at all? [00:03:35] Speaker A: Well, now I should or maybe not. We can make it. [00:03:39] Speaker B: I need to make sure that I'm matching the business to the promo. [00:03:45] Speaker A: Indigo, 15% off all entrees. Wait, that's not right. [00:03:48] Speaker B: Indigo is going to be offering 20% off store wide, which is pretty fantastic. Here at Still North, we've got selection of hardcovers and children's books that are going to be 30% off. Some other businesses are doing raffles. If you come in that day, you can enter to win a gift card. Lemon Tree is going to have Door Busters and some other small business specials at the Hanover location, so a good variety. And then on top of those, we've also got Main Street kitchens participating von bargains left bank books and Red Kite candy. So kind of a lot of the big gift giving categories are going to be represented here, so it should be a fun day. [00:04:41] Speaker A: That's great. And what we will endeavor to do is list all this information on the new sort of downtown tourism website as well, which is explorehanovernh.org. Com. Let's double check that one really quickly. [00:05:07] Speaker B: It is explorehanovernh.com. [00:05:10] Speaker A: Explorehanovernh.com. So you can check out all the businesses that we have downtown that are listed there. We're putting up new information about that currently. Ali. Any final thoughts on small business Saturday? [00:05:24] Speaker B: Yeah. I hope that with students out of town, although we will miss them and just kind of the kickoff to the holiday season, I hope that it's a good opportunity for people from across upper valley and from Hanover. As well, of course, to just kind of enjoy the town without the congestion of students and just kind of a time to get together with the rest of the community to kick off the holiday shopping season and let the small businesses say thanks so much for your support throughout the year. [00:05:56] Speaker A: That's great. Well, thanks for sharing a little bit of that with us, and we hope to see you on Saturday. [00:06:02] Speaker B: See you Saturday. Bye.

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